Antonio López de Ávila, CEO, TDDS 

Since my departure from SEGITTUR in 2017, I have continued to support the #InteligentDestinations model guidelines wherever I have gone. At the moment I do it through two active members of the Smart Tourist Destinations Network: Turisfera, Canary Islands Tourism Innovation Cluster  (institutional member) and Tourism Data Driven Solutions (collaborating member since last week).

There is a lot of work to do and, luckily, the European funds that come to Spain in support of the recovery of our economy are 100% aligned with the objectives of smart territories:

  • Digitization: Data Analytics / AI / 5G / IoT /
  • Green Tech:  Circular Economy / ZeroWaste / Renewable energy/ Zero Emissions
  • New tecnology: Blockchain / Cybersecurity

Let’s take advantage of this crisis to take a qualitative and quantitative leap of years in the development of the #SmartDestinations model in Spain. We are lucky to have an entity like SEGITTUR, which guides us and offers us a work methodology so that we do not have to invent the wheel with each destination or company with which we work to achieve its objectives as #Smartdestinations. Let’s follow their path, innovate on the model and share our experiences and use cases within the Smart Tourist Destinations Network so that all together we can go further faster.

Let’s all get down to work to reinforce the competitiveness and attractiveness of Spain as the world’s leading tourist destination!


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