For some time now, there are several economists and sociologists who talk about the new purpose economy. Among them is Alejandro Sewrjugin, who ventures into a decentralized society that will reconnect and trust each other without relying on third parties.

In this sense, tourism is the activity that allows people to connect with others, grow and enrich themselves during their travels, knowing, learning and sharing with other peoples and cultures. For all this, tourism will play a key role in the development of this new purpose economy. And destinations and companies must be prepared for it.

One of the essential tools in this new scenario that is envisioned is, without any doubt, blockchain, which is and will be the tool that will democratize the issuance of virtual currencies or “tokens” based on the contribution of purposes that help improve society and to the environment in which we live; as at the time, the Internet was the tool that democratized access to information globally.

The tourism sector through blockchain is already favouring certain destinations and companies to develop purposes to meet the needs of both local communities and new travelers.

Therefore, we observe how the rules of the game change. Although, we must first create value and then, in response to the value generated, we will obtain a reward that can help us and / or society.


Moreover, in the tourism sector there are many destinations and companies that already work in the line of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which will be launched by the United Nations through the 2030 Agenda. In this sense, the blockchain tool and the new purpose economy plays an important role in helping to achieve these objectives: end of poverty, zero hunger, responsible production and consumption, action for the climate, etc. Being able, through blockchain, to develop, for example, virtual currencies that, according to the value generated by the destination, company or traveller, offer a useful reward for society and / or the environment.

Imagine a virtual currency that is believed to reward those travelers who consume local products on their trips, that are respectful of the environment, that do not use polluting means of transport when traveling or that allocate part of the cost of their trip to a social action that have an impact on the destination they visit, etc. Wouldn’t it be ideal?

Recall that blockchain allows the information, value and reward granted at any time, be public (access to the whole world), secure (encryption), transparent (the recorded cannot be modified, nor deleted) and decentralized (there is no central server or company that maintains it) and, with all this, we are getting closer and closer to a more collaborative model of consumption of goods and services and focused on contributing as much as possible to society and / or in the territory.

Is your destination or company prepared for this new challenge?

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