For years, Formentera has shown its commitment to sustainability in all the actions that the Island Council leads and promotes, and in particular the tourism area.

Specifically, in 2017, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism declared by the World Tourism Organization, Formentera established three actions of high impact on the future tourism management of the island:

  1. Define a promotion, communication and marketing strategy based on its most precious natural resource:  Oceanic Posidonia. This action, in particular, culminated in the biannual celebration of the “Save Posidonia Project” Forum, which in 2021 will have its third edition.
  2. Work from innovation and turn the island into a permanent laboratory of ideas, whose main axis is the sustainability of the destination. Putting special focus on the conservation and preservation of its natural and heritage resources.

  3. Design a “data-driven” strategy by setting up a Data Observatory, which allows the Island Council to raise awareness in society in general and make the island known through its data.






In this sense, the current tourism model proposed by Formentera responds to a strategy based on decision-making based on structured, dynamic data in real time.



TDDS has advised the Consell de Formentera in the design of a tourism and destination intelligence system in an “open data” format with artificial intelligence, which includes eight visions: sociodemographic, economic, environmental, tourism, culture and heritage, mobility, education and sports and resident.

Each of these views has data modules, which are presented through the POWER BI tool (“dashboard”) with dynamic information, where the user can interact.

Moreover, following the line of innovation and technology, with the help of our partner Seeketing, sensors have been installed throughout the island to manage the capacity of certain areas of the island.

In turn, the capacity management system, through a platform with blockchain technology developed by another of our partners, Air Institute, collects the information from the sensors and makes suggestions to residents and tourists, improving their experience on the island.

In this way, the Formentera Island Council continues to consolidate its commitment to sustainable, innovative tourism development that has a positive impact on society and its economy.





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