Technology, intelligently applied, and data management will be key to survival (being sustainable, competitive and profitable) in the business and industrial world in the coming years.

The possibility of realizing #digital twins of products, services, processes or entire territories might seem like science fiction, but it is not. This technology allows a visualization of data like never before, but also allows the creation of projections (#artificialintelligence #machinelearning) that will help us to be infinitely more efficient. We will have the answers to questions such as: What would happen in #mobility if we change the passenger loading and unloading point to this other? What happens if the number of visitors increases in this area by X thousand? How efficient is a change in a particular process?.

In short, we will not be able to imagine the management of a territory without having these #digitaltwins, which allow us to visualize the data in real time. AliBaba already has these digitized maps where they can see in real time which products are sold and in which areas of the city they are most in demand, making an immediate forecast of what other related products can be sold and which customers in the same area might be interested. on the same products.

The possibilities for companies and public managers are endless. In a few years, the #Smartdestination model will go through the creation of these #digital twins in order to control and analyze the future effects of any change in that environment due to the impact of an internal or external factor.

At Tourism Data Driven Solutions we are advising destinations and companies to achieve these objectives. And surprisingly, there have already been several companies in sectors adjacent to Tourism, which have requested help. In a few years I see myself changing the name of the company to Total Data Driven Solutions ….

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