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Digital transformation is a fact !! It is a reality that has come to settle in our life and in our business. According to Google Trends, the word #digital transformation has had a continuous increase in Internet searches with an 80-90% increase. There are more than 6 million results in search engines. But do we […]

New Technologies applied to the Tourism Sector

    A few days ago we read in the economic newspaper Expansión that the impact that blockchain technology will have on the Spanish GDP in 2030 will be well over 20,000 million euros. Many will probably wonder what blockchain is. This term comes from English and would translate as “blockchain”. The strength of this […]

I (still) ❤️ NY

I (still)❤️ NY Like all categorical claims, it is debatable. But I think that the best idea to promote a city as a travel destination is the one that Milton Glaser had in 1977. The pop legend tells that he came up with one of those wonderful yellow New York taxis, while trying to fly […]

Digital Green Certificate

  What will be the role of technology in the recovery of tourism? Perhaps its greatest contribution in these times will be the so-called “Green Digital Certificate” of which the European Commission  presented yesterday its interim report to the European Council (made up of the 27 member countries) and the European Parliament. Hopefully, after your […]

You say that you are Sustainable and you don’t have a Sustainability Plan?

In December 2019, the European Commission presented the European Green Deal, which aims to make Europe climate neutral by 2050. In Spain, in February 2020, the Secretary of State for Tourism (SETUR), through its Subdirectorate General for Tourism Development and Sustainability, initiated a draft for the idea of ​​a Program of Plans for Tourism Sustainability […]

Large Funds require the Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria (ESG)

We are living in times of profound changes, where citizens are increasingly demanding and critical of the behavior of the companies and destinations with which they interact. This requirement has been recognized by large investment funds, which, applying the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, discriminate against those companies that do not meet these requirements. […]

The Brand Purpose

We have been talking about the importance of the “brand purpose” for a few years now. Sometimes, thinking that it is very good to define it, because it will help us to be better. Having a purpose, an objective that goes beyond doing business, allows us to connect with our audience in a more powerful […]

#Loyalty in times of pandemic

At a time when the tourism sector is going through one of its most complex crises in its recent history, it is a good time to reflect on the challenge of loyalty. Loyalty has stopped focusing on retention and is directed towards building a relationship ‘from you to you’ with the client [1]. Today the […]